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Make a Difference  – Community Projects

I am working on a mobile 3d Printing maker-space that is in the beginning planning stages.

It is a dual purpose program for STEM education for kids with reclaimed plastics and as a mobile platform for disaster relief.

It will promote education, recycling and mobile 3D printing platform solutions.

The plastics are “eaten” or thrown into a hopper that feeds a machine that grinds melts and extrudes 3d Printing Filament. This reclaimed material is then used by the on-board 3d printers to generate small 3d prints like key chains, fidget spinners and toys that are selected and printed by the children.

It is about engagement to promote education in areas where this would not be normally available. Think bookmobile, but cool and from the future. That eats garbage and creates toys for kids or solves peoples problems when they need them solved on the spot. 3d Printing and a mobile internet hub in a disaster zones is not to be overlooked.

This is ideal as a model for mobile maker-space deployed to create infrastructure in a disaster zones like ABS water pipe fittings is also a application. Create pipe fittings restore water.

In a non-disaster environment it will promote building a community of social education teaching self reliance and hands on learning.

I  hope others will take up the same concept as this one. I will document the project a design a template for local community based education programs like this elsewhere. We will be cleaning the the earth  promoting recycling, community involvement and providing hands on education and opportunities to exposure to STEAM in our own local communities.

It is my idea, but i also I know I cannot do it alone. I am considering starting a Go-fund me campaign for that project. I know I cannot do it alone easily and I am looking for sponsors and/or volunteers. Anyone that would be willing to donate any time, money or even a used school bus donated. etc etc..  I believe in the project so much that if I have to will do it alone, I will. It will just take longer. My son is just 8 and is going into the 3rd grade. It will be a project that we will do together and hopefully others will heed the call and help us.

This same idea should be leveraged in the same manner using crowd sourcing in disaster relief everywhere. We need to actively share ideas to help one another from every corner of the globe our very survival depends on it.

I am a member of Field Ready and Humanitarian Makers. And I hope to be able to donate more time and become more involved with both of these organization in the near future.

Join a cause & Make a difference.

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