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I decided about 8 years to start research into my family history. There were lots of weird stories passed down in the family and i wanted to find out some answers.

But soon after I starting working at BioModeling Solutions in 2011 I wanted to understand my own family genetics and the epigenetic factors that influence my and my family’s long term susceptibility to genetic or chronic diseases. My dad died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease also know as ALS.

I wondered if there was a direct cause and effect. Up until then I had only considered my own genetics not nutritional epigenetics.

I asked myself if I could potentially take corrective steps now to mitigate or reduce the influence of those epigenetic signals from the past that might be the cause of disease within my own family.

Through my work with Dave. I knew it must be true. There is a definite role of the epigenetic factors that affect our facial development just as other epigenetic signals do at temporal-spatial induced physiological driven processes. The signals are obviously not only nutritional, but are behavioral in nature as well.

This idea came from the perspective into my own health, was only facilitated by and made possible through the lens of my training and exposure to the science of epigenetics.

When you work for a founder of a field of science you either sink or swim. I worked with Dr Singh for 5 1/2 years as the main administrator, corporate trainer, VP and Board Member at BioModeling Solutions. Inc.

From him to me was imparted one of the greatest educational opportunities of my life. And from one of the most brilliant minds in all of dental science while working directly with him in the trenches of the diagnostic service.  I learned his language.

It was my job to then translate all of his requirements into business logic to write custom web applications and databases to manage it all. I was immersed in the deep end from day one.

The constant high level exposure to craniofacial underdevelopment, dentistry, orthodontics, sleep and all other related fields – changed me as a person.

I walked 3000 cases step by step through the craniofacial structural diagnostic service using 3D craniofacial analysis for diagnosis and appliance design. I set the cases up, managed the assets and and helped process the cases Dr Singh created as the individual reports of each of the 2nd opinions.

I managed the operations of the DNA appliance System daily from Sept 2011 until Jan 2017.

You do not know what your abilities truly are until you are tested in the real world. You can read the really long version here in the background series of post soon to come. Really long story even longer link. here

Sharing this personal story and history as I look both forward and backwards in time in my history hopefully allow me to make adjustments to the course of my families long-term health. If there is an epigenetic shadow that is causing disease in my family, I hope it facilitates you looking into your own epigenetic shadow. Over time we are all the result of the choices our parents and grandparents made in various ways as we develop over time. We are products of those signals that influence our own development that are a result of their environment and signals and environment that we subject ourselves. In every way.

I think i will be able to understand mine better than most with my unique personal experience and perspective. Hopefully you will consider my opinion and look at your own “Shadow”.

Please watch the TED talk by Dr Kent Thornburg that is on the bottom of the main page.

He does not take into account behavioral stimulus as a epigenetic signal in his talk. It needs to be considered. That is next.

Wishing you all the best of health,


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