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I have questions like everyone else:

  • Where are my ancestors really from?
  • What were their lives like?
  • Should i get a DNA genetic test to see what i can find?
  • What degree do those stimuli at the time of development influence on my growth, development and/or long term health?
  • Are there written accounts or oral family stories in the historical record about disease in my own family?
  • Is paying for a monthly membership on worth it?

When I started, I wanted to know what the possible effects to my own personal health of the hard lives that people that came before me. The genetics and epigenetics of me.

We all wonder what makes us , us.

I am also considering the “100-year Epigenetic Effect” that Dr. Kent Thornburg speaks of in his TED Talk, “Understanding Chronic Disease and Epigenetics.”

I believe that there is  a “Multi-generational Epigenetic Stimuli Shadow Effect”.

The combinations of signals are not only nutritional in nature, but consist of any environmental stimulus that causes a change in the way that we grow and develop.

Bottle-feeding and modern GMO processed foods and sugars we eat are main causes to chronic disease: in that order.

Read the long version here of why and how.

Is this “Shadow” cast forward upon me and my son Liam; or for that matter, on to my brother Jeremy and his two daughters?

I have done hundreds of hours of research.  I have learned a great deal. I now know most of my extensive family history in detail.

I once though it was great to be related to royal bloodlines; but with my understanding of epigenetics, it really makes you more susceptible to disease.

I have found fascinating stories, personal written accounts or dictated interviews. I will share them.

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