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The history of my own family tree shocked me in what I found.

The good, the bad and the ugly. War heroes to tyrants to slave traders to their enslaved.

The best and the worst.

I asked myself, what is it to be me.

What do i know ….

I come from:

share croppers in Mississippi (my grandparents). Founding Fathers of America – Thomas Stone . British Tory Col. Ambrose Mills from the Battle of Kings Mountain. General Daniel Morgan. Captain Sir Henry Morgan. Further and further back the royal houses of the Plantagenet line.

If it is true the DNA test should show it. I am really interested in finding out . Who would’t be. There are only two female links in the chain from me to way before Charles Martel ” The Hammer” my 35th Grandfather who was Charlemagne’s grandfather. I was able to trace it back before legends of the Dark Ages intertwined with Celtic mythology.

As of my most colorful ancestor i found and I mean literally. I have found so far is or at least supposedly related is Túathal Techtmar – – the son of Fiachu Finnolach, and grandson of Conn of the Hundred Battles. around the 2nd century. He was a Pict. They are those people that painted themselves blue and ran naked into battle.

I believe that Túathal Techtmar, whether or not he is my supposed 67th grandfather or not, sounds like the basis for Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard. I have read countless of those prior to finding this out. I am doing further research about the inflence and this is what i have found so far. and the reasoning behind it.

Guess what god Túathal Techtmar worshiped? Yeah you guessed it… Crom.

I base my new opinion on Howard’s well known interest in Pictish history. The connection to “Vita tripartita Sancti Patricii” or “The Tripartite Life of St. Patrick” from the late 9th century, which is the Story of St. Patrick, when he drove the snakes from Ireland. He destroyed a stone carved head at Killyclubbin Ireland that Túathal Techtmar placed among 12 standing stones banishing the snakes from Ireland, which was really symbolic for driving out the pagan gods. It is said in the late 9th account that the last cult icon of Crom Cruach was destroyed by St. Patrick with a sledge hammer. It is know as the Killycluggin Stone in County Cavan in Ireland.

Crom Cruach is a pre-Christian influence god worshiped in Ireland as a fertility god that practiced human sacrifice.

The plot of Conan the Barbarian is to defeat a snake cult. Either it is a super crazy coincidence or directly related.

I even found where Túathal Techtmar was killed in battle supposedly. It is close to the location of the stone.

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