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The Genetic Reality

But the genetic reality having a family tree that is a vine that intertwines in any part –  is not a good thing. Restricted to a small gene pool, subjected to the same food chain within a small geographical region; it is not ideal for survival.

My grandmother shared stories of her childhood with us growing up. She was one of 13 children, only half survived childhood. Life was extremely hard. She taught us “Always be thankful for whatever we had no matter how much or how little; because the only thing that is ever worth anything is one another.” She was a very wise old lady. Still leaves me with many questions in hindsight.

  • Do those hardships that she experienced make me more susceptible to disease?
  • If Dr. Thornburg is right, should I consider trying to doing something to correct my own course to long term good health?
  • Has my family history of poor nutrition and genetics nudged me in the direction of the event horizon of chronic disease?
  • What is the effect of no milk in a diet?

My grandparents only has molasses and cornmeal to eat from before 1929 till 1935.  They were dirt poor, no actually less than that. They rented both the shack they lived in and the plot of dirt they farmed. I would say they would have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps but i do not think they could afford shoes.

  • Am I set up for failure?
  • Can I do anything to tip the balance in my sons favor?
  • Can do something to help him escape the event horizon of chronic disease?
  • Is there a way  correct the trajectory of my sons health, if that is the case?

I will share what I find. I hope you can look backwards into your own history and perhaps make a difference in your own health.

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